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Jul 2, 2012
@ 3:39 pm

Last week I decided to cut off most of my hair. Before I did it, I asked my boyfriend his thoughts on the matter. In so many words, he told me that short hair isn’t attractive to men.

What he said got me thinking of a lot of things, like femininity and masculinity and how blurred the line that separates the two is becoming. I simply told him that I’m not trying to attract just men or women, I want my hair style to be visually appealing to everyone. I could rant for a while about the gender roles in our society and expectations placed on said genders to look a certain way, or the ties that have formed between physical appearance and sexual preference. But I decided when I made this blog that it’s really only going to be about hair, so on that note…

I think a factor of hairstyling that is less commonly discussed is the way that it can be a form of self expression. I have found that over the past couple years of experimenting with different cuts and colors, I have never felt more myself than with bright red hair. And as far as shape and cut goes, as long as the balance, texture, and proportion are working together in harmony any length works. I’m a fan of asymmetry in hair design, particularly from the front. Anyways the point is the element of design involved in hairstyling is not something I take for granted, and just as people style their clothes or adorn their bodies with piercings and tattoos as a way to express themselves, hair can act as a way for the world to perceive you. 

Let’s face it, 9 times out of 10 you will be judged solely on your appearance when you step into the world. Whether you’re at work or school, the mall or a family bbq, every new set of eyes that passes through your periphery will scan you head to toe, looking for cues and clues into who exactly you are. I think a great hair style can be, for lack of a better term, the icing on your personal style cake. I’ve decided that one of my missions as a hairdresser is to give people styles that really work with their personality, lifestyle and personal sense of style. The bottom line is I want my clients to feel good about themselves when they leave my chair.

At the end of the day, I shaved the most of my head for many reasons. First and foremost, the temperature in the school salon during the day time is unbearable. Between about 20 sets of hot tools being used at once, and 40 something bodies running around, I was sweating buckets in there. Secondly, I’m a woman who values her sleep time. Having less hair to style in the morning means I will have more time to sleep. And thirdly, I wanted to try something new and edgy that would push the boundaries of my style, of course I also wanted to try and freak out my mom.

Anyways, just for kicks I decided to compile all my hairstyles in the past couple years for your viewing pleasure. First is a picture of me, today, as I write this post. Following are  other cuts/colors in no particular order. 

^ raspberry rockstar hair 

^ experimenting with color

^ a bit darker than my natural shade, plus extensions. 

^ first time going all red

^ violet. great color, horrible upkeep. 

^ au natural, pre beauty school days. 

^ if i were a hero in a comic book, this would be my hair 

^ another fun color but the upkeep was a pain. 

^ what’s asymmetric and red all over?